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Control & Signalling Devices

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Nasa Enterprises have a wide range of 22.5 pushbutton, selectors switches, illuminated switches, illuminated selector switches, and pilot lights.

  • Actuators
  • Contact Elements
  • Pilot lights

Control Station

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Nasa Enterprises are leading supplier of TEKNIC 1way to 6way pushbutton stations The stations are available in which various sizes and can be assembled with different types of actuators, with / without terminals, with / without ammeters etc.

Inductive Proximity Switch

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Nasa Enterprises supply inductive proximity switches which is used for control and positioning signals they can be connected directly into conventional or electronic control systems.

These switches are designed for AC and DC supply voltage operation. The exact operating voltages and currents are mentioned in the data sheets of the individual types.

Single Limit Switch

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Nasa Enterprises offer a high degree of flexibility TEKNIC single limit switches. These limit switches are equipped with snap action switch elements.

Multiple Limit Switch

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Nasa Enterprises offer a highly accurate and reliable positioning TEKNIC multiple limit switches. features of this switches are minimum space requirement due to compact design, low cost connection through the use of the common wiring cable, reduction in the number of sealing glands for cable entry, cross connection of switch elements without additional terminal boxes, and easy access to all switch stations for test, adjusting and service purpose.

Miniature Circuit Breaker

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Nasa Enterprises offer a TEKNIC Miniature Circuit Breaker. These are used with MCBs, RCCBs and RCBOs.

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